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For General Contracting Ltd.


Warven Company was established in 2003 with it is headquarter in Erbil the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Warven Company has proudly become one of the most respected construction contractors in the region under the high competante management and the effort of their professional skilled engineers and laborers


Highly skilled team. In Warven Company you will meet high competent laborer working with various parts of the project.

Our Values


To participate in flourishing and activating construction movement in Iraq

- Execute construction works , expand and demolish all types of buildings, roads, bridges, rails, airports, reservoirs, irrigation projects, water and sewage works and other construction works; to perform electric and mechanical works required for construction works as per the effective laws, resolutions and regulations of KRG.


  • To participate in construction and electrical contracts, government, private, domestic and international organizations bills and tenders
  • To perform all the measures and conclude contracts which the company deem necessary for its aims.
  • To import and purchase all machinery , means of transport, tools and materials necessary to achieve its goals and relevant to its activities.
  • To open accounts and credits at banks, to accept and endorse instruments liable for currency, cheques and other papers , drafts, promissory, bills of lading; to demand facilities from various banks and perform other banking measures relevant to its goals.
  • To executes transactions of sale, purchase, rent and lease for all the moveable and immoveable properties; it can lease and possess and obtain right of use in them and the right to sell them when no longer in need or exhausted.
  • To insure the company properties and contracts relevant to its activities.
  • To participate or unify or contract with any person and purchase its assets or perform any internal works in order to execute the goals referred to above.


Our principles are involved in each step of the project to ensure the quality of the project

Warven company is a general contractor company providing unlimited solutions with deep analyzing the scope of the project to ensure fully understanding from start to finish







Projects and Company Machinery

Warven Company has completed many projects of various types


  • Construction of a school consisting of 18 classrooms in Siri district
  • Construction of the Amadiyah police station
  • Construction of (15) housing units in Merstek city in Amadiyah
  • Construction of a school consisting of 18 classrooms in Deralok district

Streets Paving

  • Opening and paving the internal streets in the 26 Golan district in Soran city
  • Opening and paving the internal streets in Sheladze district
  • Opening and paving the internal streets in Zozik district in Soran city

Construction materials processing

Processing of construction materials for laboratories, including crushed stone

Company Machinery

Warven company has a complete set of machines required to implement all types of projects

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